Pirkka-Adolf is a photovoltaic catamaran that can be rented in the Porvoonjoki river as a self-service at an hourly rate. The boat is easy to use, suitable for beginners, and is just the right gadget for wondering about the Porvoonjoki river!

Pirkka-Adolf is a prototype of E-Boat Oy's Sunnycat boat. It was originally designed as an electric boat, and you can't even get an internal combustion engine without modifications. The idea behind the fun-looking boat is that it runs at low power, and works mainly with their own solar panels. In addition to the light passage, the catamaran also offers the awesome advantage that the boat doesn't swing much, and there is plenty of interior space.

The electric boat works really well, especially in rental use. If you've ever tried to the outboard motor and wondered why the contraption doesn't work, there's no problem here. The engine is on when you press the button. And not a rental. after that, you need to think about where and how to refuel the boat. To the delight of city dwellers and other boaters, the boat also does not make a loud noise or make a big wave.


610 cm


245 cm


30 cm


250 kg

Carrying capacity

5 people

Safety class

D / Sheltered waters


Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 limited to 1000 W power

Solar panels

3 x 340 W

Maximum speed

About 11 km/h

Operating time

Depends on the speed. Full throttle in sunny weather for as long as there is sun, raining for at least 5 hours.

The boat is both designed and manufactured in Finland!

Pirkka-Adolf is registered for five people. There's room for two in the front seat, three in the back seat. There is a table between the seats, and the backrest of the front seat can be turned, allowing the boat to be anchored for the picnic as long as you notice the anchoring restrictions.

Little technology: The boat is equipped with a German Torqeedon Cruise 4.0 electric motor. The electric motor itself and its gearbox are in the underwater cabin directly in front of the propeller. The maximum engine power is 4 kW, but it is limited to 1000 W power to prevent customers from breaking the 10 km/h speed limit on the Porvoonjoki river, and the battery is saved for the next one. The engine has a voltage of 48 V and is powered by approximately 4 kWh of battery under the bench. The batteries are currently lead-acid batteries. There is a large solar panel on the roof that feeds electricity to the battery via the MPPT controller. The panels are comfortably powered – about 800-900 W in sunny weather, 300-400 W in cloudy weather and even when it rains 200 W.

With a power of 1,000 W of the boat's engine, in sunny weather the boat travels almost by the force of the sun alone.

How fast is the boat going? There can be no clear answer to this, as the speed of the boat is influenced by wind, river flow and load volume. When driving alone in calm weather, 1000 W at maximum power easily exceeds the 10 km/h speed limit on the river. With 500 W, you can reach about 8 km/h. 200 W at 3.5 km/h. Since the solar panels practically always provide some power, the boat cannot run out of battery completely and always reaches the shore.

Pirkka.... what??? The boat is named after the founding cat of ruori boat club, Pirkka-Adolf, as both are unusual-looking cat whose aesthetic values may be questioned. Don't worry, the next boat will be named after another according to a cat whose name is much more understandable Popoli.

The picture of the side of the boat was drawn painter Johanna Lindholm. The font and text color were asked of the cat and here we go.