Single-hull sea boat

Behind the hull of the Popol is Kenneth Rönnqvist, who is known for his seaworthy boats made in the Vaasa archipelago. The 4.5-metre open boat has a solar panel roof for charging and is also powered by an electric motor.

Like Pirkka-Adolf, Popoli is ideal for adventures on the Porvoo River, but it's also a great way to go further afield - even on a day trip to Porvoo's outdoor island Furuholmen!

The Popol is powered by a Torqeedo 4 kW motor and a 5 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery. The solar roof charges at around 300 W in summer, which means that the battery is fully charged at least once a day. At 1000 W, the Popol will run in pitch darkness for 5 hours.

Power and speed:
1 kW 4 knots / 7.4 km/h
2 kW 5 knots / 9.3 kmh
3 kW 5.5 knots / 10.2 kmh