Sleep on a boat

Veera's renovation is still underway, but the plan is to get it out on the water this summer!

Veera was originally carved in 1950 as a salmon planting boat. Over time, Veera received a strong layer of fiberglass over the wooden frame, and it was transformed into a recreational boat. Veera now complements porvoo's choice of accommodations.

Unfortunately, the city did not want to give more boat berths just for housing, so Veera cannot rent only for accommodation, but must be rented as a boat. Of course, that is not a problem in itself, because Veera is a working boat! If there is any boating experience, I even recommend driving to veera's anchor in Haikkoonlahti and staying there. And there's nothing to stop you from going any further, as long as you consider veera isn't a hasty lady – top speed is five knots.

The 13-metre Veera has a boat with stunning interiors. The cabin has a double bed, a kitchen with dining tables and a wooden fireplace that brings the atmosphere. The boat has its own separate toilet and a large deck where to bask in the day.

Veera's going to rent as soon as I get the renovation done.