How to get on your way

Renting an electric boat on the Porvoo River is easy and fun.

Boat is rented with a mobile phone

Before hiring, you make a username and perform strong identification so that it is known who is responsible. Once the username is in order, you can make a reservation or start using the boat immediately if it is free. Open the app here!

Location of the boat

The boat is at Itäinen Rantapromenadi 17, just after the Old Town. It's the only pier between the bridge and Glückauf, and if there's a catamaran attached to the pier, you can rent it.

Preparing for departure

Put on your life jackets! They can be found inside the back seat and under the rear deck hatch. Open the boat with the mobile phone app and turn on the black control panel. By gently moving the handle, try to see if the motor is working. If not, check that there is a magnet in place at the bottom of the panel. More magnets can be found under the backseat.

Ready to go!

Before starting off, look around – isn't there a boat coming from the river in either direction? Remove the ropes and push the boat off the dock. If you don't know how to make a knapsack knot, let the ropes be closed and take them into the cabin. Fenders can also be left attached to the boat.
You are now boating, enjoy!

Patience is an asset

The boat steers differently than the car. Make calm, clear steering movements, and wait for them to make a difference. If you're too hasty, the boat will bounce around. Also, take a look at what position the motor is in so you know when let's go straight! Please note that there is a speed limit of 10 km/h on the Porvoo River. A suitable speed for river cruising is 5-7 km / h.

Land peacefully

When landing, approach the pier from the north side. Slowly drive diagonally towards the pier and take out the gas. When the boat is almost on the spot, reverse the brake so that the stern turns right. When the boat is parallel to the pier, the flow of the river presses it to the pier!