This is VAltteri Lindholm's project

Behind the Helm Boat Club is the same man as The Equipment Cut, which means that I, Valtteri Lindholm. Ruori Boat Club is actually the auxiliary name of my personal company Valtteri Lindholm Oy.

This isn't really about anything other than that I like to do boats, and you get more dimensions to doing it through the company. Helmi Boat Club is the service I would have liked to have seen in Porvoo when I moved here 2018. We didn't have a boat then, but it didn't take long to live along the river for one to be acquired. Most of the boats stand idle for most of the summer, so I think it would be smart for boats to be used. we'd rent more. A service like Helms Boat Club, where you can rent a boat without any prior plans with a mobile phone, is one that I would like to use myself.

In addition to the idea of sharing, I want to use this project to kick-start the electrification of boating. Due to climate change, the use of internal combustion engines must be stopped, but there are few electric boats available and they are expensive. Rental boats however, the costs can be shared efficiently. Renting an electric boat can easily be cheaper than owning your own internal combustion engine boat.

Boats and electricity

Electric boats are actually a really smart thing. They don't make noise, they don't make exhaust fumes, they don't spill oil into the water. However, the change in attitude has yet to be implemented – many are stubbornly attached to the internal combustion engine, most of all the boat manufacturers, some of which are even owned by motor companies.

Through helm boat club, I can play a pioneer in electrifying boating. The main point of the job is currently a photovoltaic catamaran for river cruises, but the aim is also to acquire a more experienced boater for more experienced boaters suitable seaworthy boat to get a little further.

If there is a demand for shared electric boats, the operation will expand. So far, the city of Porvoo has been very nicely sympathetic to this project, and once the job has been found to work in the hometown, the intention is to expand to others Cities.